A Strong Glaive who Rages


Tier 1, Shins 5

Background: Yelmira was the bouncer in a bar in the Steadfast called Resistor. A patron took a swing at Johnny Cool, who was the entertainment at the bar. Yelmira swung into battle to defend the talent, laying waste to parts of the bar, and in her rage nearly killed the owner. Later it was found out that Johnny had misappropriated something from the patron, who was quite politically connected. The bar owner asked them both to leave…

In the past, Blaze had an episode that resulted in property damage. Yelmira wasn’t affected by the flame and Blaze wants to know why.

Origin of Special Powers: Natural Mutation

Focus Connection:

Yelmira is strangely protective of [Rod’s character] and doesn’t want to see him come to harm.

Might Pool 16 Edge 1
Speed Pool 13 Edge 1
Intellect Pool 9 Edge 0
Effort 1

Dagger 2 damage: Can be thrown up to a short range
Crossbow 4 damage: Long range, 12 medium bolts
Greatsword 6 damage
Beastskin 2 armor
Explorer’s Pack: 50 feet of rope, 3 days rations, 3 spike, hammer, warm clothes, sturdy boots, 3 torches, 2 minor glowglobes

Frenzy, use Enabler
Fighting moves
Bash Cost might 1, Damage 1, use Action
Thrust Cost might 1, Damage 1, use Action
Practiced with all weapons, use Enabler
Practiced in armor, use Enabler

Breaking inanimate objects
Speed defense tasks against any incoming attack that uses metal

Oddity: Red contacts that shield eyes from intense light


You’re extremely strong and physically powerful, and you use these qualities well, whether through violence or feats of prowess. You likely have a brawny build and impressive muscles.

You gain the following benefits:
Very Powerful: +4 to your Might Pool.
Skill: You’re trained in all actions involving breaking inanimate objects.
Skill: You’re trained in all jumping actions.
Additional Equipment: You have an extra medium weapon or heavy weapon.

The berserker is a feared fighter who cannot be stopped. You put yourself into a howling battle frenzy that can make you a terror on the battlefield. You might hail from a less civilized society, perhaps even a tribal one.
You likely wear little or no armor so as not to restrict your speed or maneuverability. Your clothing is probably simple and utilitarian.
Glaives make the best berserkers.
Connection: Choose one other PC. You feel strangely protective toward that character and don’t want to see her come to harm.
Minor Effect Suggestions: When fighting multiple foes, you knock one into another, putting both off balance. As a result, treat both foes as one level lower for one round.
Major Effect Suggestions: Your foe is terrified of your rage and uses his next two actions to flee.
Tier 1: Frenzy (1 Intellect point). When you wish, while in combat, you can enter a state of frenzy. While in this state, you can’t use Intellect points, but you gain +1 to your Might Edge and your Speed Edge. This effect lasts for as long as you wish, but it ends if no combat is taking place within range of your senses. Enabler.

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