Phanniver is a clever Jack who crafts unique objects


Stat, Pool, Edge Might, 10, 0 Speed, 12, 0 Intellect, 16, 1 Effort: 1 Cypher Limit: 2 Skills Craft (woodcrafting) (Intellect) Craft (electronics) (Intellect) Identifying Devices (Intellect) Numenera (Intellect) Repairing (Intellect) Flex Skill: Background: School of Hard Knocks Cranky (1 Step to difficulty of charm, persuasion, or deception) Practiced in Armor (-2 Might/hour, -2 Speed Pool penalty) Practiced with Light and Medium weapons Sense where numenera is active (1 minute of study) Trained in Speed Defense Esoteries+ Hedge Magic (1 Intellect): Prestidigitation Equipment Clothing Buzzer (light weapon; -1 step to hit, 2 damage, Short range, 5 rounds) Hammer (medium weapon; 4 damage) Spear (medium weapon; 4 damage, Long range) Light armor (leather jerkin, 1 point Armor) Explorer’s pack 2 packs of light tools Woodworking tools Electronics tools 2 cyphers 3 oddities Shins: 8



A Compelling Short Story That Explores Ages Past chakuva bschoner